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AHRS Library Books
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Articles by Don Kresge
     A Brief History of Radio
     Radio in the 1920's
     Radio in the 1930's


AHRS members with shortwave radios at BirmingHamFest 2006

Alabama Polytechnic Institute  
Article on Dr. Miller Reese Hutchison  
History of Radio Broadcasting, Auburn U.  
Birmingham Wireless Association  
Meeting of the Birmingham Wireless Assoc.  
Birmingham AL General Radio History  
11-18-90 Brief History of Radio, Bham AL  
General Radio History  
1925/26 SS Kresge's Catalog/Buyers Guide  
Radio Advertisement and Documentation  
RCA Radiolas, Radiotrons & Loudspeakers  
WAPI Radio and Television  
1928, 1929 The Auburn Alumnus  
Draft History - WAPI-TV & WVTM-TV  
WAPI Victor Hanson Radiophone  
The WAPI Story  
WAPI Office - Highland Ave, Birmingham, AL  
WBRC Radio and Television  
10-31-1936 Southern Radio News Gala Affair  
Southern Radio News, Leslie Connolly. . .  
Southern Radio News, WBRC Narrator Dr. Hoole...  
12-11-69, Lawrence H. Rogers II, Taft Broadcasting  
1-20-72, Bham News - Taft to sell WBRC Radio  
John Carlyle Bell Information Sheets  
WBRC Promotional Sheet #2  
WBRC Radio Corporation Logo  
WBRC Studio, 1936  
WBRC Technicians Group  
WKBC - WSGN Radio  
7-5-68 thru 10-31 1969 WSGN Top 40  
WSGN Top 40 for 1968  
11-18-90, Brief History of Bham Radio - Don Kresge  
Remember When - Russ Knight Show on WSGN  
Russ Knight Remembers WSGN Top 20  
The Birmingham News - WSGN 25th Anniversary  
This is WSGN Birmingham, 1941  
WKBC will give closing program  
WSGN Good Guys advertisement  
WSGN Presents the Alabama FM Story  
WSGN Radio at War  
WSY Radio  
1922 Alabama Powergrams -"Our Broadcast Station"  
1922 Alabama Powergrams -"Listening In"  
1922 Alabama Powergrams - "About WSY"  
March 1923 - WSY Earning its right to slogan  
May 1923 - Our latest broadcasting station  
November 1923 - WSY Sings Swan Song  
WSY Coverage Area at Loveman's Dept Store  
The WSY Serenaders  
WSY - Alabama's First Licensed Radio Station  
WSY Logo  
WSY Orchestra  
WSY Studio - L-R Mrs Thomas W. Martin, President of Alabama Power Co., Dr. and Mrs Hudson Maxim  
WVOK Radio  
5-31-2017 Shower of Stars  
Dan Brennan  
Rockbill - The Black Jacket Symphony  
Joe Rumore  
Bham Record Collector Newsletter, Duke & Joe  
May 23,1960 - WYDE Official Hit Parader Survey  





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